How did classical music inspire art?

Music is an artistic and cultural activity that involves the combination of sound and silence in time. Rhythm, pitch, nuance and timbre are the main elements of classical music. Today, classical music is seen as a form of new poetry. According to many artistic works, classical music is a true inspiration of art. For musicologists, the term "classical" is used for specific periods in the history of music: Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart. According to analyses, several artistic works are inspired by classical music.

Classical music in other works of art

The use of classical music in other artistic works, such as film, photography and painting, raises questions about the function of music. Indeed, music has a function when it is used (or integrated, synchronised). In general, classical music and painting are closely related. Many famous painters have been inspired by classical music before designing their artworks and the result is transformative. If you want to know a little bit about the works of these painters, click here.

Classical music and painting

Classical music combines balance and perfection of form and musical language, be it rhythm, melody or harmony. These composers seek determination, goodness and sweetness. Since ancient times, music and painting have been intimately linked to people's lives. Over the centuries, many artists, music theorists and art historians have explored the variety of the connection between painting and music. In the world of graphic arts, references to music are correspondingly innumerable. They are expressed through the themes of portraits, poetry and art criticism.

Classical music has inspired art

In the field of music, especially in the 20th century, for some artists who seek another aspect of reflection from musical creation through the graphic arts, the similarity with painting is very productive. For example, the connection of classical music and painting is polymorphic: the affinity between these two forms of artistic achievement transcends the question of copying, connecting or converting from one field to another. Classical music is always considered as a kind of time art, which makes it influence art, because they have specific properties. By listening to classical music, artists free themselves from their thoughts, leaving room for more personal creations.

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