5 contemporary ceramists to know!

Published on : 08 April 20222 min reading time

Ceramists have different ways of collecting their art. They are fascinating works of art that experience many things at the same time. Art that can affect many people. Ceramists give incredible things to see.

Jean-Claude Novaro and Quentin Marais

Jean-Claude Novaro is a contemporary glassmaker well known to the world. He was born in Antibes on 18 October 1943 and died in Monaco on 30 December 2014. He created his own workshop in 1977 in Biot. He worked mainly with marble, various metals and gold leaf. He made the largest huge work in glass and for this reason he enters the Guinness Book of Records. The ceramist Quentin Marais is a clay sculptor. In his work, he also expresses his childhood life with the memories he has lived. His creation is based on the forms or gestures, games and colours of his youth.

The ceramist Florence Pauliac and her arts

The potter-ceramist of Terres de Provence is based above all on an unexpected openness. Her creations are real fascinating figurines full of emotions. That is to say, a good artist who manages to share, to make a memory of our intimate part with so much creativity. She tells everything in her art, she is not afraid to disclose her works of art. She likes to take time to create, to have the meaning of her work. She is also unique in her art.

Benoit Audureau and Toyozō Arakawa

Audureau likes to prepare raw clay such as Le Fuilet or Vézins clay, which he has crushed and does not change. The clays he uses come from brick factories or small local potteries. After firing, the work gives the clay its originality. He adds some extra minerals. His work is covered with small decoration like white magnesium glaze which gives shades of grey, green or blue. Toyozō Arakawa is a Japanese ceramist, he was born in 1894 in Tajimi and died in 1985. He was awarded the title of “Living National Treasure of Japan” as a Japanese benefit in 1955. Since 1994, he has educated the ceramist Osamu Suzuki in the art of pottery. In addition, the basis and the beginning of his work are the ancient techniques that he discovered in the past.

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