What was the fate of Bernard Buffet?

During his lifetime, Bernard Buffet shocked the art world with the originality and expressiveness of his works. Years after his death in 1999, his works and achievements continue to dazzle professionals and art lovers alike. Did this artist really have an unfortunate fate?

Bernard Buffet: a famous and talented painter

Bernard Buffet was born in Paris in 1928. He spent his childhood in this city and was interested in painting and drawing from the age of 10. At the age of 15, he entered the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. The artist won the Prix de la Critique at the age of 20. In 1952, he received the famous Antral Prize from the city of Paris. In 1955, he received an award from the magazine Connaissance des Arts for the originality of his work. This genius of painting created more than 8,000 works of art during his life and professional career. Visit the ESTADES Gallery to appreciate Buffet's works and also for your plans to purchase some of his artistic achievements.

The clowns of Bernard Buffet

Bernard Buffet is a painter specialising in expressionism and figurative art. He also promotes a particular artistic style, which is miserabilism. Among the best known works of Bernard Buffet are the clowns. The clowns are the emblematic works of Bernard Buffet. The clowns of this painter have an angular face. They have melancholic and depressive features. The expressions of sadness are realistic thanks to the details, the choice of colours, but also thanks to the geometrical lines that Buffet has the secret of. Buffet's style of painting disturbed the painters and elites of his time. In his time, painters were gradually moving away from expressionism and turning to trendy artistic styles such as abstract art, surrealism and the realist movement inherited from the Americans. Bernard Buffet, on the other hand, favoured consistency of style and refined his mastery of figurative art and miserabilism.

Original and aesthetic works of art

Bernard Buffet died in 1999 following a suicide. This tragic choice was not the result of the malaise and depression that plagued him during his life despite his wealth and fame. Rather, it was the painter's decision following the problem of Parkinson's disease that prevented him from painting. For art professionals and critics, Bernard Buffet's fate was the lack of recognition by the elites and intellectuals of his time, despite his worldwide reputation in the art world. However, the works of this painter have gained notoriety. Professionals and art lovers are ready to buy Bernard Buffet's authentic works at high prices.

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