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What is art therapy?

Art therapy can ease a person’s psychic tensions. It can also socialise and transfigure the artist’s personality. It is a gesture to sensitise and relieve all forms of strong emotional tension. In order to transform the creative process, it is…

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Why does art make us feel good?

Since the emergence of the great civilisations, art has proved to be the only cultural element that all continents have in common. Inopportunely, it has allowed hard science to violently take its place. Having been underestimated since the eighteenth century,…

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5 points: a New York space dedicated to Graffiti!

Between its 20,000 square meter walls, Five Pointz is a must for graffiti artists visiting New York. A mythical place located in Long Island City in Queens, it is seen as the “Mecca of Graffiti”, as all street art lovers…

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