What is art therapy?

Art therapy can ease a person's psychic tensions. It can also socialise and transfigure the artist's personality. It is a gesture to sensitise and relieve all forms of strong emotional tension. In order to transform the creative process, it is necessary to do therapeutic work. Art therapy allows for a framework designed according to the modalities. It is then possible to transform art into a means of treatment.

What is art therapy?

It is a very specific practice. Only people in the field who can undergo verbal psychotherapy sessions and experience the facilitation of an art workshop. It is not possible to analyse the works of art therapy. The work done can thus be protected from unconsciousness during the creation. In the art world, the professional has his or her own method and approach. It is a way for the patient to express himself and to make peace with what he feels. Art therapy helps to resolve conflicts related to unconsciousness. The artist can share his or her feelings through the artworks he or she creates. The treatment allows for a calm understanding of the artist's experiences.

Who is art therapy for?

The artist dares to express himself through art therapy. It is a way of making others feel what they feel. He can show what he feels through what he does. In the art therapy works he can express his fatality, his love and his strength. Art therapy makes it possible to show the psychological suffering that has no access to speech. A means of expression to show the difficult moments that the artist has undergone. It is possible to channel the mental activity through the sensations and emotions felt during the creation of the artwork. The artist can show social suffering, medical suffering, creativity and development. This therapy requires true self-determination to achieve personal development.

How to do art therapy?

Art therapy requires very specific artistic techniques. It is necessary to make judicious choices in order to adapt to a well-defined public. It is possible to carry out individual and group sessions. The duration of the session will depend on the specificity of the public. It is possible to find art therapy sessions on a weekly basis. It is not necessary for the patient to have his/her own art technique. To participate in an art therapy workshop, it is enough to let go and give it all during the making of the work.

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