Why does art make us feel good?

Since the emergence of the great civilisations, art has proved to be the only cultural element that all continents have in common. Inopportunely, it has allowed hard science to violently take its place. Having been underestimated since the eighteenth century, Man began to develop different types of psychological illnesses such as depression. To this end, you will have to understand why art would be an excellent ally of mental health.

Wellness: art and dopamine secretion

Faced with the wonder of an artistic work, the human organism secretes a high dose of happiness hormones called "dopamine". Otherwise known as the "pleasure molecule", dopamine is a powerful neurotransmitter capable of provoking in the human brain an ultimate need for activity and intense pleasure. Moreover, dopamine is also said to be one of the hormones responsible for a person's desire for sex. Thus, a man lacking motivation should try to revive himself by contemplating the beauty of certain works of art present in museums or in alleys. For information, the artistic field is not limited to the framed paintings seen in cultural spaces, as it encompasses different kinds of disciplines considered non-empirical.

Making art to forget your daily stress

Yes, art could not perpetuate itself if mankind stops producing artistic works. To this end, people suffering from acute stress are invited to express themselves freely by making artistic works. Aware of its benefits, many therapists have brought art therapy into the modern world to alleviate the psychological ills of the century (stress, anxiety and depression). In practical terms, art therapy would allow the person concerned to redirect his or her attention to the glare of a third object, and would then help him or her to gradually rid themselves of their dark thoughts.

Enjoying art to create a sense of sharing

In addition to the feeling of calmness, art leaves a positive feeling called "sharing". Namely, art is one of the unique "valuables" that people want to share with their loved ones. Indeed, this denotes a certain sense of pride. However, the person cannot fully enjoy the art product he or she owns if the product is unknown to the public. In this respect, collectors make sure to exhibit their paintings or play their most beautiful pieces to create a feeling of sharing. Yes, the latter has become one of the most pleasant emotional components, as it creates a certain connection between the target subjects. To explain it better, people who are amazed by the work of art they are contemplating merge with each other in order to be able to be carried away voluntarily by the beauty of the masterpiece.

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