Exhibiting art

The Gustave Moreau Museum: 4 floors of drawings, paintings and watercolours!

The art world currently offers a variety of possibilities and works to dazzle your day. You can easily find the best works of art by visiting art galleries and various exhibition sites. If you want to see the rare and…

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Rare workshop still preserved in Paris: the Zadkine Museum

In order to find the best artistic creations and the most sought-after works on the market, you can go to the preserved workshops and museums with their reputation. To experience an exceptional moment and to enrich your historical and cultural…

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Discover the magic of ancient Egypt at the Louvre

The ancient Egyptians had a deep faith in magic. The practice of magic had been common in their culture. Egyptian myth had used magic both to explain the origin of the world and the way in which these ancient peoples…

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Immersive digital exhibitions: when art meets digital!

To discover the works and creations of ancient and modern artists, you can opt for different techniques. If you want to access the best creations of the greatest artists, there is no need to travel to art exhibitions abroad, because…

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Where can you discover the works of Bernard Buffet?

Bernard Buffet is certainly one of the greatest painters of the 20th century. From an early age he was interested in painting and drawing. After his death, the artist left behind no less than 8000 works that you can discover…

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