Where can you discover the works of Bernard Buffet?

Bernard Buffet is certainly one of the greatest painters of the 20th century. From an early age he was interested in painting and drawing. After his death, the artist left behind no less than 8000 works that you can discover by visiting the three addresses mentioned below.

At the Estades Gallery

The Estades Gallery has been specialising in the works of Bernard Buffet for several years now. In this place, a selection of paintings from the different periods of the artist is permanently presented. Other techniques such as watercolours, engravings and original lithographs are also on display. The exhibitions offered by the gallery are very diversified. Some are one-off, others are seasonal. To know all the dates, do not hesitate to inquire on its official site or to go there directly. The person in charge will be happy to welcome you and answer all your questions about the artist and his countless works.

The Museum of Modern Art in Paris

The Museum of Modern Art in Paris is open to the general public. It is possible to visit the museum free of charge and without making an appointment in advance. You can find the most famous works of Bernard Buffet, in addition to the 10,000 other artists exhibited on the premises. If you are an art lover, you should visit the museum. Various workshops and visits are regularly offered to allow everyone to discover the place at their own pace and convenience. To find out which of his paintings are on display, you can visit the museum's official website. A lot of interesting information is regularly published there to inform the readers and Internet users. If you need information about Bernard Buffet, which is difficult to find in books or on the internet, please contact the museum's director.

The Bernard Buffet Museum in Japan

In Japan there is a museum named after Bernard Buffet. It was opened in November 1973. The gallery was created on the initiative of Kiichiro Okano, a great fan of the artist's works. It contains almost 2000 original paintings belonging exclusively to the painter. To discover them, go to the Japanese archipelago, in the town of Higashino. This is the largest and most complete collection of Bernard Buffet's works of art.

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