Art techniques

How did classical music inspire art?

Music is an artistic and cultural activity that involves the combination of sound and silence in time. Rhythm, pitch, nuance and timbre are the main elements of classical music. Today, classical music is seen as a form of new poetry….

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Dripping: a technique launched by Jackson Pollock

Thanks to the work of the American painter and abstract expressionist figure Jackson Pollock, dripping is truly revealed as a technique dedicated to fine art. Although it may seem simple at first, it takes some training and practice to fully…

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Body painting: a performance art

The art of body painting consists of applying make-up to the body. It is an artistic act whose aim is to paint a work of art on the human body (which is in fact a support). The body is a…

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Green Street Art: what is it?

Street art has often been considered as a harmful element to society. Most people think that artists practicing this type of art are crazy and contribute to social instability and pollution of walls, roads, … For others, this art is…

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How to recognize pop art?

Pop Art or popular art is an art movement that originated in Britain. In 1950, it was significantly influenced by the United States. It is characterised by themes from popular mass culture, namely comics, advertisements, various worldly cult objects and…

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