Green Street Art: what is it?

Street art has often been considered as a harmful element to society. Most people think that artists practicing this type of art are crazy and contribute to social instability and pollution of walls, roads, ... For others, this art is considered a means of communication, expression and protest. So what about green street art?

Green Street Art: what is it?

Originating in the field of street art, the word green street art means ecological urban art that combines street art and nature to create a new and living art. This type of modern art uses natural elements to create it. Most often, the artists illustrate their way of thinking and their know-how with plants, animals, water, fruits, flowers, ... Since it is a street art, the artists also use figurative graffiti, drawings, pictures in their creation. They create their works on different surfaces (walls, roads, railways, etc.).

The different forms of green street art?

Since the appearance of green street art in the 2000s, many artists have become more or less interested in this art form. Some even spend more time on their creations and put them in places that attract the eyes of the public or passers-by. However, there are various forms of green street art used by artists: painting, posters, stickers, stencils, mosaics, graphics, writings, ... Being a free art, the creators of art make drawings, portraits or characters that they want people to communicate with a natural element (tree, leaves, ...).

What is the purpose of green street art?

The aim of green street art is not to degrade or pollute the environment, but to raise awareness, to transmit messages. Each artist has his own way of communicating his thoughts through his illustrations. Green street art also works in the protection of the environment and in the ecological transition. It serves as a means of expression, communication and protest against the adversity of everyday life. Sometimes, green street art does not evoke anything special, but just an inspiration of the artist who invites people to dream and escape. Some are more humorous and whimsical.

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