How to recognize pop art?

Published on : 08 September 20212 min reading time

Pop Art or popular art is an art movement that originated in Britain. In 1950, it was significantly influenced by the United States. It is characterised by themes from popular mass culture, namely comics, advertisements, various worldly cult objects and many others.

Understanding Pop Art

Pop art is very popular. It usually consists of collages of advertisements, various everyday objects and many others. It is based on everyday life. It is an art form that is still evolving. Pop Art is an art movement that suggests a return to the material realities of everyday life. Moreover, it presents itself as a true source of inspiration for contemporary artists. Its main objective is to challenge tradition while reflecting a return to popular culture. Pop Art considers the elements of mass media to be an effective means of fostering the visual sensitivity of individuals.

What are the characteristics of Pop Art?

It is important to remember that Pop Art is defined as a movement that presents itself through themes and techniques emanating from mass popular culture. It draws its inspiration from various visual sources that are part of current culture. Pop Art therefore uses images resulting from modern culture in art. Indeed, it even privileges the ordinary elements of any culture. In general, Pop Art artists use very strong colours such as red and blue. It is essential to point out that the colours used in pop art are not intended to reflect the inner feeling of the artist. In Pop Art, the main characteristics that are favoured are the clarity of the lines, the symbols and also the individuals that are found in popular culture.

What are the techniques of Pop Art?

Artists who make Pop Art favour popular images. Indeed, they increasingly use images that are well known and that represent consumer society. The artists generally use collage and assemblage techniques. It is important to understand that in Pop Art, the styles are very diverse. Indeed, the possibilities are numerous. It is quite possible that artists use very simple images. Thus, the colours used can be bright. However, black and white photography is also very popular for colouring the background of the canvas.

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