Discover the magic of ancient Egypt at the Louvre

The ancient Egyptians had a deep faith in magic. The practice of magic had been common in their culture. Egyptian myth had used magic both to explain the origin of the world and the way in which these ancient peoples brought about fate. Egyptian magic indeed contains an unshakeable sense of cultural and ritual practice through which the relationship between humans and gods is valued. Nowadays, reliving this Egyptian magic is possible by visiting the Louvre Museum.

Experience the magic of ancient Egypt at the Louvre

Since the museum became operational in 1988, it has offered those who are eager for knowledge, art, history and culture an opportunity to discover the depth and richness preserved in Egyptian magic. Those who wish to visit the museum can be fascinated by the funerary rites and the depth of Egyptian mythology through magic. An enchanting experience would be delivered to the general public by bringing to the surface the seemingly unknown aspects of Egypt. This surprising discovery allows us to experience the mythical magic that went back to ancient times and played a cosmogonic role in the production of the knowledge that humanity has inherited to this day.

What are the different significant magics that can be appreciated in the Louvre Museum

Through the intermediary of great magicians or local healers, all those who visit the Louvre Museum of Civilization can witness the different categories of magic. There is the everyday magic that recalled the ingenuity of the Egyptians, the one that consisted, for example, in curing the sick and removing existential problems of man such as bad luck and fear. Everyone can also admire sacred magic and magic in the afterlife, which in turn are performed to enhance the value of the deceased and strengthen the relationship with the gods. Visitors to the Louvre Museum will have the chance to observe and participate in ancestral cults and divine cults.

Observe relics from ancient collections at the Louvre Museum

Apart from the magic that is practiced in the Louvre Museum, history and culture enthusiasts will also discover Egyptian relics that date back more than 3000 years. More than 300 prestigious objects are displayed in the museum such as statues of gods and goddesses. Everyone can also admire amulets, jewels, figurines, vases and steles which are representative collections and are witnesses of history. The discovery of the Louvre Museum also allows one to understand the meaning and practice of mummification, which is the unique distinction of ancient Egyptian culture.

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