Modern art in all its aspects

Modern art highlights the intervention of the impressionists. As art trends are changing, you will be amazed to discover the new concept of art.

A modern art lover's paradise

The artist focuses on a new style of artworks. Painting and photography nowadays favour figurative and modern art. Several famous artists have taken the step towards this new artistic movement. They value originality of style and form.

Techniques artistiques

Art techniques

There are several art techniques. You can choose watercolour, oil painting or lithography.

Formes dart

Forms of art

You can enjoy sculpture, literature and street art. It is possible to discover several types of art.

Expositions d art

Art exhibitions

Art exhibitions can be found in various art museums as well as in specialised galleries.

The best online art galleries

As art is meant to nourish the mind, it is recommended to try this new experience. Choose an online art gallery for convenience.

To save more money, you can turn to a solution like Estades online art gallery. The public will enjoy a less time-consuming visit. This is also a time to sell art without going through physical solutions. However, it is crucial to pay attention to the standards imposed on online galleries.

When buying art online, it is essential to select from the best galleries. Check the reviews on the internet to verify the e-reputation of the chosen gallery.

meilleures galeries

When art meets digital!

Immersive art has been booming for several years. It offers a strong impression to the public. It is one of the most popular art forms for some famous artists. Augmented reality can become the centre of attention of the public. The immersive exhibition can highlight surrealism and expressionism. It is not only about attracting the visual. Immersive art is also about originality and techniques.

Most famous painters

To get an idea of the best works, you can look at the most famous artists. You will appreciate the art of painting more.


Leonardo da Vinci

He is a very famous Italian painter. He is a great polymathic visionary who also practices sculpture.


Vincent Van Gogh

He is known for his artistic style and his unique works. You can find his art in several galleries.

Les peintres les plus celebres


Pablo Picasso

His love for painting made him change his artistic style. He appeals more to his audience.


Bernard Buffet

This French painter focuses mainly on expressionist art. He paints several types of characters.

Different artistic techniques

In art schools, several types of artistic techniques are taught (drawing, painting, engraving, sculpture). Digital creation is also an alternative not to be missed.

Body painting

Body painting

Body painting is body art. It takes the form of a plastic expression. There are many different painting techniques.

Art de rue vert

Green Street Art

It is the cohabitation between urban art and the different natural elements. Some collectors are interested in nature and art.


It is a plastic art aiming at projecting paint on canvases. It is possible to use several colours for a sublime effect.

Focus on digital art

Digital art is a category of creation with certain specificities. Suitable media must be used to successfully reproduce the graphics.

In some cases, it may be useful to use software to get the desired results. Some digital tools may help to achieve better results. However, it is necessary to be familiar with modern tools to achieve this type of feat. The development of digital devices is constantly increasing the performance of artists.

More and more people are fascinated by digital art. The use of new technologies opens up new horizons. This alternative is part of modern art nowadays.